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Tonganoxie Police Canine

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A flexible Recreation project by Tonganoxie Police Department in Tonganoxie, KS

This Project will add a security asset to the City of Tonganoxie by funding a Police Canine to help deter illegal drug activity.

$2,135  so far of   $10,000
$2,135  /   $10,000

$2,135 (21%)

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This project was successful and was funded on April 25, 2014

Tonganoxie Kansas is a growing community situated between Lawrence Kansas and Kansas City on the US 24/40 corridor. The fast growth of the Community has increased the amount of illegal drug activity that threatens our juvenile population. One avenue to help suppress illegal drug activity is the presence of Police Canines. The benefits are well proven but the costs are high. The community has received a partial grant to assist in purchasing the animal but other costs need to be covered. The dog needs a house, training aids, a cage in the patrol car, fan, food and veterinary care. All these items cost. The City is currently $10,000 short of funding all the needs the animal has. The project will help with security for the citizens and suppress illegal drugs being exposed to our children.

Tonganoxie Police Department


Tonganoxie Police Department is a small sized department with 10 fulltime Police Officers, 8 part-time Police Officers, and a Reserve unit.

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