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Spring Valley Sidewalks Restoration

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A flexible Streetscapes project by Rosedale Development Association in Spring Valley // Kansas City, KS

An initiative to improve the safety and usability of the sidewalks in the Spring Valley Neighborhood.

$16,555  so far of   $25,000
$16,555  /   $25,000

$16,555 (66%)

38 neighbors

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This project was successful and was funded on November 10, 2013

Our Plan

To get an idea of just how big this undertaking is, check out our full plan here.

Our neighborhood has come to together via social media and neighborhood association get-togethers to outline our priorities as we grow and change. One major priority is the improvement of our deteriorating curb and sidewalk infrastructure. Our area has incredible walkability – we are close to shops on 39th, Westport restaurants, the Plaza, and Westwood Park – if only the sidewalks were not cracked and sinking and the curbs eroded away causing drainage and water-related problems. The state of our sidewalks is deplorable and even dangerous to small children and elderly who cannot navigate the uneven surfaces.

The Spring Valley Neighborhood Association sidewalks committee developed a plan for infill repair of cracked and unsafe curb, sidewalk, and driveway aprons. Repair throughout the neighborhood will be focused in the areas with the greatest percentage of resident donations. Only areas with existing sidewalk will receive improvements.

Why We Need Your Help

If you have fond childhood memories of running and biking up the sidewalks to a friend’s house, the park or the corner store; if you walk your dog without fear of falling down; if you walk to school or the grocery store; if you believe in the value of sidewalks as a community connection – we invite you to help us make these things a reality in our neighborhood.

Rosedale Development Association is the fiscal sponsor for this campaign and the non-profit organization serving the Rosedale neighborhood. RDA’s mission is to work in partnership with residents, businesses, and institutions to build a strong and healthy community and to improve the quality of life for those who live, work, and play in Rosedale. RDA has a long history of working with neighborhood groups, local government and businesses to affect positive change in the Rosedale neighborhood.

Wyandotte County Unified Government has already pledged $100,000 in Community Neighborhood Infrastructure Project funds to kick off the 2013 Spring Valley sidewalks improvement campaign. The SVN sidewalks committee is hoping to match a quarter of this amount with donations from residents. We can certainly meet this match when you consider that a $300 donation from all the homes receiving improvements would get us there.

Who We Are

The Spring Valley Neighborhood ( SVN) is a part of the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas, and its boundaries are 43rd to the North, 47th to the South, Rainbow to the West, and Stateline Rd. to the East. This area is rapidly growing and revitalizing with the influx of new developments along 39th and Rainbow, enormous growth at KU Medical Center, the expansion of Woodside Health Club, and the selection of our neighborhood as a part of the KC’s first Google “fiberhood.” Our neighborhood is full of arts and crafts bungalows from the 1920’s that house a diverse group of residents, including many medical students and KU Medical Center employees, small business and tech start-ups, as well as lots of young families and retired individuals.

Rosedale Development Association


We're a 501(c)3 not-for-profit community development corporation, serving the Rosedale area of Kansas City, KS and Wyandotte County.

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