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Rockledge Dog Park

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A flexible Recreation project by Rockledge ROC Foundation in Rockledge, FL

Rockledge Florida's very own off-leash dog park located within Dr. Robert A. Anderson Park.

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This project was successful and was funded on December 30, 2013

Let’s Build a Dog Park in Rockledge!

The proposed project is to design, develop and construct a dog park. The dog park will to be located in a tree covered area within Dr. Robert A. Anderson Park in the City of Rockledge, Florida and will consist of a small dog and large dog play areas. Each fenced in play area will be equipped with water for the dogs, benches for people, and a dog poo disposal station. The City of Rockledge Citizens Recreation Advisory Board has reviewed the proposed dog park and recommends that the park be built. The Rockledge City Council has approved the concept for this dog park project. The estimated cost will be under $18,000.00. There are no City capital improvement funds available for this project. Construction is projected to be complete in calendar year 2014. Operation and maintenance of the dog park will be funded by the City of Rockledge. Please see the rendering for more details of the dog park concept.

The Rockledge Recreation, Open-space, and Conservation ( ROC) Foundation, has agreed to take on the opportunity to fund raise for a new dog park in Rockledge. Both the ROC Foundation and the City agree there is a need for a dog park as a destination for dogs and their owners to exercise and socialize.

The ROC Foundation is the ideal organization for leading the development of this new dog park. The Foundation was formed with a vision to be the preferred provider of non-governmental support for the recreation, open-space and conservation needs of the community. The Foundation was formed in 2011 with a mission to enhance the recreational, open-space and conservation opportunities in the Rockledge community.

People Like Pets

The American Pet Products Association has released its 2009-2010 National Pet Owners Survey, and it shows pet ownership at its highest level ever, with 71.4 million households in the U.S. owning at least one pet — 62 percent of all households. The current number of pet-owning households increased by 12 percent, up from 61.2 million pet-owning households in 1998. According to the survey, there are 77.5 million dogs in the United States.

According to the 2010 United States Census the City of Rockledge has a population of 25,000 people. The census also shows that there are 10,000 households within the City. Dog populations are estimated, according to national averages, to be about 6,000 animals.

The dog parks closest to Rockledge are located in Cocoa Beach, Port St. John and Wickham Park. Rockledge needs a dog park as a destination for dogs and their owners to exercise and socialize their animals. No land purchase is necessary because the City of Rockledge has available park property.

Project Team

Rockledge ROC Foundation Officers and Directors

Larry L. Schultz

Wanda W. Schultz

Elaine 0. Schultz

Don Griffin

Beth Davis


Alix Townsend, City of Rockledge

Dom De Angelo, Brevard County Parks and Recreation


City of Rockledge, Florida Brevard County Florida Parks and Recreation Department


Rood, Zwick, and Kerr Architects, Engineers and Planners, Cocoa, FL

Rockledge ROC Foundation Facebook

Rockledge ROC Foundation


The Foundation’s mission is to enhance recreation, open-space and conservation in the Rockledge community.

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