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Paint the Town Green

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A flexible Technology project by Give Us A Gig in Kansas City, MO

Google Fiber is coming to neighborhoods who want it most and can afford to vote. Help greenlight more fiberhoods!

$11,136  so far of   $5,000
$11,136  /   $5,000

$11,136 (222%)

111 neighbors

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This project was successful and was funded on September 08, 2012


YOU DID IT! Thanks to its early backers, this project was greenlit on August 31!!! But just because the $5,000 goal was met doesn’t mean our work here is done. As of August 31, greenlighting all fiberhoods in both KCK and KCMO would take around $40,000.

We chose what we thought to be a reasonable goal for this project thinking it might be a stretch to ask for something larger. But the overwhelming generosity of this project’s backers proved us wrong!!! There is no cap on this campaign and every $10 contributed is another chance for a disadvantaged fiberhood to get Google Fiber. THANK YOU for your generosity and PLEASE continue to help ensure Google Fiber for all by contributing to this project and spreading the word.


The Google Fiber initiative represents an unprecedented opportunity for Kansas City to close the digital divide and provide broadband Internet access for neighborhoods who have been unable to connect. Social Media Club of Kansas City, through our Give Us a Gig initiative, have been encouraging neighborhoods throughout the metro area to educate, engage and advocate for broadband connectivity for the past 9 months. With Google’s product announcement, we are able to take the advocacy step to the next level.

The Google “fiberhood” rallies set reasonable thresholds for metro neighborhoods to be eligible for fiber deployments. The thresholds for neighborhoods range from about 40 to 200 households willing to commit by making a $10 deposit, and to meet that threshold by September 9. While we have a longer time horizon to educate neighborhoods about the potential benefits of ultra high-speed connectivity, we would like to ensure all Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO neighborhoods are eligible.

In this image, green represents neighborhoods who already qualify for Google Fiber’s initial rollout. Yellow represents neighborhoods that can qualify, if they are able to cast enough votes before September 9. Each vote costs $10 and requires a debit card, which can be a non-starter for some households. Kansas City, we can do better than this.

Target Areas

Our immediate priority is to aid our active Give Us a Gig communities who are most in need, but our goal is to ensure every eligible neighborhood in Kansas City qualifies for a fiber connection by September 9.

While you are free to specify which fiberhood you’d like to contribute to, unspecified contributions will go to help the fiberhoods in the following Kansas City Give Us a Gig communities:

Kansas City, Kansas

  • Oak Grove

  • Strugglers Hill

  • Downtown

  • Douglas Sumner

Kansas City, Missouri

  • Marlborough

  • Center City

  • Ivanhoe

  • Blue Hills

  • 18th and Vine

  • Key Coalition

Use of Proceeds

Funds raised will be used to “turn neighborhoods green” and continue to educate our neighborhoods about the value of connectivity. A portion of these funds may be used for prepaid debit cards (required to make the signups) and to create promotional materials (required to raise awareness). We will work through schools, community organizations and our own volunteer network to sign up enough households to make the neighborhood (and its earmarked community institutions) eligible for fiber connections.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.