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Juniper Gardens: Free In-Home Wifi

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A flexible Technology project by Connecting for Good in Kansas City, KS

A free Wi-Fi network to all 390 units of a low-income housing project in Kansas City, KS, bringing connectivity to nearly 1,000 residents.

$34,520  so far of   $39,625
$34,520  /   $39,625

$34,520 (87%)

49 neighbors

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This project was successful and was funded on April 30, 2013

Juniper Gardens

What We’re Doing

Connecting for Good is bringing free Wi-Fi to all 390 units of a low income housing project Juniper Gardens in Kansas City, KS. There is absolutely no catch. We simply understand that access to broadband internet can fundamentally change the life of America’s underserved youth and we’d like to make a change. The large mesh network will bring free broadband internet connectivity to nearly 1,000 people. The ground work has been laid and the majority of this project has received funding. To finish strong and deliver the broadband connection these residents deserve, we’ll need to install more than 70 high powered Wi-Fi radio transmitters on nearly 40 buildings. This campaign aims to fund the remaining sum to purchase and install every one of these high powered antennas across Juniper Gardens to ensure solid Wi-Fi penetration into every home. Any funds received above the $7500 will be used to help Northeast Wyandotte County residents get online, obtain computer equipment and receive digital life skills training.

Why We’re Doing It

As part of the effort to close the digital divide in Kansas City, we’re targeting Northeast Wyandotte County, an area with the highest concentration of poverty in Kansas City, KS. When the median income is half that of the state average, simply owning a computer with an internet connection will open the doors to increased educational and employment opportunities for these students and their families. Providing in home Wi-Fi access will bring tremendous possibilities to improve the lives of the people who live at Juniper Gardens.

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Connecting for Good


Connecting for Good, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) a nonprofit organization that has been working to bridge the Digital Divide in Kansas City.

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