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Playground for All Children

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A flexible Recreation project by Morris County Park Alliance in Parsippany Troy Hills, NJ

An inclusive playground in Central Park of Morris County that offers play options for able children and those with disabilities.

$164,235  so far of   $350,000
$164,235  /   $350,000

$164,235 (46%)

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This project was successful and was funded on October 31, 2013

What We’re Doing

The Alliance for Morris County Parks, in cooperation with the Morris County Park Commission, is building a playground for children of ALL abilities on donated park property at Central Park of Morris County, in Parsippany, NJ. Working closely with a passionate and dedicated group of parents of children with disabilities, a design has been created that will provide opportunities for children with disabilities to play next to their typically developing friends and siblings. The playground will bring the community together for play, socialization, learning, and healthy physical activity.

Why We’re Doing It

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” -Plato

The Central Park of Morris county is an engaged and active park with a Challenger League baseball field, dog park, multi-sport ball fields, a rink for ice skating and roller skating, and a popular running trail. There’s no better place in the community than here to build an all access playground. The park, itself, is a symbol of coming together, playing together and supporting one another as a community.

The playground will provide an area for families of children with special needs to get away from the stress of doctor’s visits, medication, and therapy, while meeting other families. The children will mingle and play, each understanding that differences can be overcome. Seeing these children enjoying themselves and interacting with their friends is priceless!

How You Can Help

The Alliance for Morris County Parks is accepting general donations as well as sponsorships for specific playground elements, as shown at right. The total cost of the equipment is $130,000 while the protective, accessible surfacing is about the same price. The installation is expected to be approximately $40,000.

What Our Parents are Saying

“All children love playgrounds and a desire to play and have fun outdoors doesn’t change just because a child has physical or cognitive challenges. Unfortunately, typical playgrounds are very limited for special needs children. How wonderful it would be to have a special place where children could be ‘just children’ and where disabilities didn’t matter, even for a short while.”

“So much of our children’s lives are about obstacles and what they can’t do. It would be so great to have a place in our community that is tailored for their enjoyment too and the focus is on what they can do!”

Help a child have fun today!

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